Call #4754 and the 7:00 PM Timeline

Every newspaper article in the days following Maura’s crash indicated that the crash occurred just after 7:00 PM. For this reason, one of the clues I find particularly interesting (outlined in detail by John Smith in Podcast # 14), is that on the night of February 9th, at least two witnesses report hearing a call on their police scanner referencing a motor vehicle accident that occurred around 7:00 PM. They heard that a female driver that had lost control and slid off the road into a ditch on Swiftwater Road in Haverhill, which is about 5 miles from the Weathered Barn Corner. The witnesses note this call was subsequently cancelled and that police, Fire, and EMS were called back to the sta

Inaugural Blog Post

At present, there are a multitude of websites and blogs devoted to the Maura Murray disappearance. I have never created a blog, and as it is perhaps obvious, I have zero experience maintaining a website. I also considered the fact that having one more blog out there may just add to the “noise.” However my feeling is that however imperfect the medium may be, the more information that is out there, the more likely it is that some bit of information or evidence makes its way to a person that knows something and could potentially assist with solving this case. Goals The goals of this blog are twofold. The first to explore, analyze, and critique the evidence, clues, and theories (both past and pr