Five Clues That Make No Sense in this Case – Re-Examined [Part 2 of 5: The Rag in the Tailpipe – Seg

"We're Not Gonna Fall for a Banana in the Tailpipe" If you are anything like me, you had two initial reactions upon learning about the rag in the tailpipe: 1) it was incredibly suspicious; and 2) it conjured a vague picture in your mind of Eddie Murphy and a banana (later recalling Beverly Hills Cop.) If you are James Renner, you had a different reaction to the rag in the tailpipe, which is the subject of the first segment of Part 2 in my re-examination of his “Five Clues That Make No Sense in this Case.” Here is the snippet pulled from Renner’s “Five Clues” post, which summarizes his theory about the rag: I am not attempting to wrap my head around how he manages to tie in some nebulous inti

Five Clues That Make No Sense in this Case – Re-Examined [Part 1 of 5: The $4000]

One of the reasons I began this blog was to re-examine some of the clues in this case. Over time, many "clues" have come to be accepted as fact despite in my opinion, having never been adequately vetted. It is no secret that James Renner and his blog are the source of most of the information we have. So it may seem like I am picking on him, but it’s nothing against him personally. In fact, I am grateful for all the documents and information he has shared. The material he has provided led to the podcast, which has undoubtedly raised interest and awareness about case. That is a positive thing. That said, if progress is ever going to be made in this case, then we have to stop wasting our time