Podcast Clarifications

I’m going to address all of the Bruce McKay questions/timeframes/maps in the next post. But this post is intended to clarify some information mentioned in the podcast, as well as to answer some of the questions I received. This includes questions about H2 and call 4754, in addition to some general questions about UMass residential halls. I also found documentation confirming the daily starting/ending shift times of security hall monitors, which is included below. H2 AND CALL 4754: H2 Location Feb 9th (7:46 PM – 9:26 PM): To be clear, I have every reason to believe Cecil Smith was at Maura's scene. The point of bringing up call 4754 was to point out that there appeared to be something faulty

Five Clues That Make No Sense in this Case – Re-Examined [Part 2 of 5: The Rag in the Tailpipe – Seg

All we know for sure about Maura’s accident on Feb. 9 is what can be discerned from the police report, the GCSO log, and what the few witnesses and police spokespeople are able to tell us. From the police report (which can be viewed in its entirety here), we know Officer Smith arrived to find the Saturn had been abandoned. He also reports (highlighted below): 1) red liquid on the driver’s side door and ceiling; 2) Franzia wine in “plain sight” behind the driver’s seat; and 3) a coke bottle containing a red liquid with a strong alcoholic odor under the vehicle (see note 1). Given this evidence, there is a compelling case to be made for theorizing that Maura fled the scene that night to avoid