Wrapping Up the Five Clues That Make No Sense in this Case – Re-Examined [Part 3, 4, and 5 of 5]

I’m sympathetic to James Renner’s desire to distance himself and move on from this case. At the same time, I have a difficult time not finishing what I started. More importantly, the reality is that Renner’s blog posts (and book of course) remain available for public consumption (even if Renner is not). I therefore consider a critique of them to be fair game. This post wraps of my response to Renner’s “Five Clues That Make No Sense About this Case” by addressing the last three clues. Clue #3 is ‘The Londonderry Ping.’ My response here is not so much a critique as it is an explanation of what this clue is to begin with. Clue #4 is the ‘Family Apathy,’ and clue #5 is ‘Kate’s Faulty Memory.’

Helena Dwyer Murray

Helena Dwyer Murray's contribution to Maura's case is unparalleled, and her loss is felt by an entire community. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Murray family.

Miscellaneous Discrepancies in the Dispatch Logs

From my perspective, the dispatch logs are the best way to get a ‘global’ sense of what was going on with law enforcement the evening of Feb 9th. They are also interesting to me because we know for a fact (from Det. Landry’s affidavit) that police have withheld some of dispatch records as evidence in a potential criminal prosecution in the future. So while the discrepancies outlined below could mean nothing at all, the purpose of highlighting them is due to the off-chance someone is able to connect the dots in a meaningful way. Call #4767 There are four calls missing from the GCSO dispatch logs on the evening of Feb. 9th (noted below), one of which was call #4767. In Podcast #23, KF expla