Episode 1 of Oxygen's 'Disappearance of Maura Murray'

Below is my review of the first episode in the 6-Part Oxygen series about Maura’s disappearance that premiered Saturday, September 23rd. The Good Thus far it seems as though Maggie and Art are challenging assumptions and not taking anything for granted, which is refreshing. They come across as skeptical yet open-minded, which is a great combination. The Bad James Renner. In my opinion, any time devoted to Renner is time that is wasted. I would prefer to see that time being used to discuss the real facts of the case. That said, I am not naïve. At the end of the day, the goal of television is “entertainment.” I get it. That does not mean I have to like it. Inferences/Extrapolations: ATM: I r

Episode 3: “Frederick J. Murray v. Special Investigation Unit of the Division of State Police et al.

Episode 3 (on YouTube and iTunes) discusses the civil suit that Fred Murray filed against the “state” of NH after the police refused to release any of the documents they had in their possession pertaining to Maura’s disappearance. Ethan and I are joined by an attorney and a public defender in Brooklyn, NY, who began her career as a public defender in New Hampshire. I felt that she was the perfect person to help provide context and guide us through some of the legal language contained in the transcripts (part 1 and part 2) and the affidavits provided by Nancy Smith, Assistant Attorney General Jeff Strelzin, and Detective Todd Landry. You can view the appeal made to the state supreme court in

Episode 2: "The Alcohol. The Timeline. Bruce McKay."

I uploaded the second episode of the podcast (available on iTunes and audioboom for Android). It’s also on YouTube if you want to follow along to see pictures of sources, maps, etc. that we mention throughout. In the previous post I mentioned that we discuss the alcohol and the timeline in this episode. We also discuss Officer Bruce McKay, whom I’ve written about a little already. Episode 41 of the Missing Maura Murray podcast gets into some detail about Officer McKay. During that episode they noted what I consider to be one of the more telling bits of information about McKay. It was a quote from a Boston Magazine article titled “Collision Course,” and it states that: “McKay rang up over 3

When Did Maura Leave Amherst?

By my logic, she left Amherst around 3:43 PM on February 9th. Lt. Scarinza has repeatedly stated that the latest police believe Maura could have left Amherst was 4:30 PM, but what was the earliest she could have left? On Episode 27 of the Missing Maura Murray podcast, Tim and Lance (and their guest host Marley Davis), read answers to a handful of questions that the New Hampshire State Police were kind enough to provide. Several of their answers are pertinent to the timeline, and one in particular may shed light on what time she departed Amherst for New Hampshire. The following answers are directly quoted from the New Hampshire State Police’s responses: Question: According to the Boston Globe