The Missing Hour. The $4000. Witness Statements: A Review of E3 of Oxygen's “The Disappearance o

In the fifth podcast episode (on iTunes and YouTube), Ethan and I go over some of the points made in Episode 3 of the Oxygen series. I realize the series has already concluded, and I realize we are a bit behind. So I think it’s worth noting that one need not agree with every conclusion the hosts or producers ultimately arrived at, or every instance of creative editing, to appreciate the value of now having verifiable facts to work with. As recently as a few months ago, most of the information we had was rumors and hearsay. Before the show, having received knowledge or clarification about any of the following would have felt like a breakthrough: ATM footage; Confirmation of witness A's acco

Episode 4 Addendum: Words Matter

I posted an addendum to our fourth podcast episode that addresses two points (on iTunes and YouTube). The first pertains to the response I received from the NH State Police regarding James Renner's claim on the second episode of the Oxygen show that “the police think she was pregnant” (referring to Maura of course). The second addresses another question I reached out to law enforcement about, which is whether it is true that Maura was about to be cited for Reckless Operation before she disappeared. The short answer to both questions is “No.” Call it quibbling. Call it semantics. Call me a smartass. But words matter. And in my opinion, these distinctions are important. Over the years, a n

The ATM Footage: Questions Answered & Questions Raised

It is still unclear why law enforcement refused to release the ATM footage for thirteen years (even to the Murray family). Any guess would be pure speculation. Regardless, I was grateful that the Oxygen show was able to obtain the footage, which they aired in the final episode of the series. To be clear, the term “footage” is a bit of a misnomer. Art states in the show that the footage is actually a series of photo stills taken every three or four seconds. Those stills are below (thanks to Melissa B. for capturing them). There were a few things I noted right away about the footage: The Time: 3:15 PM: The footage appears to have a timestamp of 3:15 PM. That time is consistent with what the