Re: "Erinn Larkin Interviews Fred Murray"

I want to thank James for setting aside personal differences and posting my interview with Mr. Murray. He undoubtedly has a larger reach than I do, and I appreciate that gesture. I did not go to journalism school. I took one journalism class at Columbia in the spring of 2006, and the only lesson that has stuck with me is something that according to my professor, is the first rule of journalism and that is: do not be the news. In other words, do not make the story about yourself. When a journalist implicates himself or herself in the story they are covering, their sense of objectivity is compromised and they cease to be an effective observer. As an analog, think about what would happen if a

Conversation with Fred Murray - Part 1

Episode 6 (on iTunes and on YouTube) contains audio of the first part of my recent interview with Fred Murray. I want to give a huge thanks to Mr. Murray and to Julie for sitting down and sharing their knowledge about the case. It truly was an honor. Part 1 touches on a variety of topics that were covered in the Oxygen series. Mr. Murray shares some of his thoughts and opinions including some of the things he liked and disliked, as well as some points he would like to clarify. Other topics include the background of the A-Frame house, the gathering at Sara Alfieri’s dorm on the Saturday night prior to Maura’s disappearance, and some of the suspicious individuals that have been brought to Mr.