Art's Timeline

There were a lot of interesting elements of the most recent MMM podcast, which featured Maggie and Art and a discussion of Art’s timeline. In my opinion, the episode was less about the actual timeline and more about whether or not Maggie and Art are willing to entertain the possibility that another officer was on scene prior to Officer Smith. So to cut right to the point, this post will focus on just one element of Art’s timeline, which is when Cecil Smith arrived on scene. Art’s timeline has Smith arriving at approximately 7:35 PM. The official accident report and the official dispatch log note Smith’s arrival time of 7:45 PM and 7:46 PM, respectively. Of course the reason it matters is bec

Episodes 8 & 9: A Prosecutor’s Perspective

Episode 8 of the podcast (on YouTube on iTunes) is the first part of an interview that Ethan and I had with Katharine Dolin – a prosecutor and Assistant Attorney General from Missouri. Some of the topics we discuss include the suspects implied in the Oxygen series ("The Disappearance of Maura Murray"), evidence from the A-Frame house, the types of evidence necessary in order for criminal charges to be filed against a defendant, and issues with witness testimony. In the second half of the interview in Episode 9 (on YouTube and iTunes), we ask Katharine about the timeline, chain of custody (of the Saturn), and the police’s purported failure to interview Maura’s sister, Julie. We also discuss