Episode 10 - The Timeline

Episode 10 (“The Timeline”) is now up on iTunes and YouTube. Ethan and I compare our timeline to Art’s timeline and respond to some of the arguments we heard in Episode 75 of the Missing Maura Murray podcast. Of course the biggest difference between Art’s timeline and my and Ethan’s timeline is that we can not rule out the possibility that there was another police officer on scene prior to Officer Smith. But just to be clear – we are not arguing that there was definitely another police officer there before Smith; we only argue that it is one possibility. There are still lots of possibilities. I think it is a theory that should be scrutinized, but not to the exclusion of all other theories.

Timestamps of the 911 Call Transcripts and Correction Re: Witness A’s Route

Timestamps on the 911 Calls: Several people noted that there are no timestamps on either of the 911 call transcripts. According to Detective West, Faith Westman’s call came in to Grafton County Dispatch at 7:27 PM and Butch Atwood’s call came in to 911 at 7:42 PM. The information Atwood communicated in the 911 call at 7:42 PM is likely what prompted Fire and EMS to be dispatched at 7:42:30, which was about 15 minutes after Westman’s call to Grafton County Dispatch. Why does it matter? According to Atwood, he was talking on his front porch when he was attempting to get through to 911. He could “see the road, but could not see Murray’s disabled car.” And according to every statement and re

Westman & Atwood 911 Call Transcripts

Below are transcripts of the 911 calls from Faith Westman to Grafton County and from Butch Atwood to Hanover Dispatch. Westman’s call was approximately 1 minute and 18 seconds. Atwood’s call was approximately 3 minutes. There are a few things that immediately jumped out at me, and they had more to do with what was missing from the call transcripts than what was in them. First, Atwood refers to a “he” when he says “he hit a pine tree.” Later on, he refers to a single female, so I think it’s possible that this was just a glitch in how it was interpreted over the radio (and subsequently transcribed). However, what is interesting is that the “man smoking a cigarette” noted in the dispatch log i