Q&A with Guy Paradee - Part 2 & the Grand Jury Question

Part 2 of the Q&A with Guy Paradee is up on iTunes and YouTube. Thanks again to Guy for taking the time to answer our questions and thanks to Sara for coordinating the meeting. The topics include aspects of investigative procedure (i.e. search warrants, grand juries), the timeline, Guy's thoughts on how law enforcement handled this case, and advice on how websleuths can best contribute to the case. There is one topic in particular that I’ve received a fair amount of feedback/questions about, and that is whether or not a grand jury was convened to indict a suspect in this case. In the first part of the Q&A, Guy expressed doubt that a grand jury was ever convened. In the second part, he re

Q&A with Guy Paradee - Part 1

Episode 12 is up on iTunes and YouTube. It's the first part of a Q&A session with former law enforcement officer and private investigator, Guy Paradee. Guy began looking into the case shortly after Maura’s disappearance as a member of the New Hampshire League of Investigators (led by John Healy). He’s been a police officer, a detective, a federal agent, and is an expert in crime scene and accident reconstruction. He answers questions that were proposed by members of the “The Disappearance of Maura Murray Discussion Group” on Facebook. The questions are asked by one of the administrators of the group, Sara, who compiled the questions and set up the meeting with Guy. A huge thanks to Guy for