Standards: Part 2 - FMM and the Effect of the Obsessed on the Non-Obsessed

Update: You can see the entirety of DW's and LG's posts here. Here we go again… For the most part, I’m going to allow my lawyer to handle these most recent nonsense and defamatory claim(s), but I will briefly address a few specific points. First, the only time I recall ever mentioning what I do for a living was in my first podcast episode when I stated that I was a political consultant. JR is the one that appears to have an odd obsession with this aspect of my personal life as he continues to bring it up as a focal point of his attacks. Frankly I am happy to keep politics out of this discussion. Second, although it is stated as if it is “news,” I have never hidden the fact that I injured my

Details Matter. Timelines are Critical.

*Spoiler Alert* There might be details below that could be considered “spoilers” for Part 2 of Netflix “Making a Murderer.” So if you are sensitive to hearing any information at all about the show, stop now. “The most important evidence in the case is the sequencing of who was doing what when.” –Zellner To me, the most noteworthy element of Part 2 of “Making a Murderer” was that it wasn't the fancy forensic testing, but rather, Kathleen Zellner's attention to detail that poked the biggest hole in the prosecution’s case against Steven Avery. Without getting into too much of the minutia, suffice it to say that Zellner utilized overlooked evidence (including pre-trial witness testimony and cel

The Infamous Missing Page 9 - Part 3: Pages 1-3

Admittedly the picture of page 9 of the phone records in my last post is a bit blurry, which is why I linked a pdf of the page here. Since there seems to be some question about the rest of the phone record, I also linked to pages 1-3 here. As you will see, just like page 9, there is nothing incriminating about the first several pages of the phone record. In fact, they prove that there were no roaming calls from Maura’s cell phone number during the entire billing period. I also want to comment about the supposedly improbable 3 minute call from Bill to Maura on 2/15/04, and the suggestion that the length of the call is somehow an indication that he had a conversation with Maura. If you look a

The Infamous Missing Page 9 - Part 2: Mystery Solved

After my last post about the phone records, I asked Bill Rausch if he might be able to track down the “missing” page 9 and he was nice enough to take the time to find the 14 year old records and send them to me along with the following remarks: "Fourteen years ago I sat at a computer in the haverhill police station and printed out a complete set of cell phone records that belonged to Maura and me. I had been told by police that it would take days to receive copies via a subpoena sent to cellular provider. As the last page came out of the printer at the police station, I handed them to an officer. Recently, I read a blog post about the same phone records and spoke with the author of the blog,