Maura Was Not at West Point in 2004

A few days ago, I wrote about the constant misleading references to “Fred’s house,” and how the house has been used as the foundation for further spurious claims (i.e. the $4000 and adult magazines). Evidently the response to this criticism was to post Maura’s private college records from West Point. The person posting this information was attempting to show that Mr. Murray’s residence was 22 Walker Street in Weymouth, MA as late as 2004. These records do not show that. The “2004” noted on the transcript is Maura’s graduating class and the status “S” is indicating that she was a sophomore. The transcript clearly shows that these records were from 2001-2002. Obviously Maura was not at West

"Fred's House"

According to my favorite behavioral economist, Dan Kahneman, the most reliable way to convince people of falsehoods is with frequent repetition. The reason repetition is so effective is because familiarity is indistinguishable from truth in our brains. One thing I have heard constantly referenced in this case is innuendo about “Fred’s house” (a shorthand used to describe 22 Walker Street in Weymouth, MA). “Fred’s house” was a topic of discussion both at this past year’s Crime Con, and as recently as in the past few weeks on the Mary Buck podcast. Below I detail the truth about “Fred’s house” and its significance (or lack thereof) to the case. The Truth about “Fred’s House” While records sho

The Liquor Store Receipt

This is a copy of the liquor store receipt that Maggie (via the NH State Police) released at this past year’s Crime Con in May. Most of the information is redacted, but there are a few inferences that can be drawn. The Bottle Deposit and Can/Bottle Redemption: The Massachusetts Bottle Bill requires a $0.05 deposit on canned and bottled carbonated alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages sold in the state. The $0.60 deposit means Maura likely purchased a 12-pack of something. In the Oxygen show, they stated there were “8 vodka wine coolers left over from a 12-pack” recovered from the car. Given the options that were available in 2004, my guess is that she either purchased a 12-pack of [now extin