April 1, 2017

From my perspective, the dispatch logs are the best way to get a ‘global’ sense of what was going on with law enforcement the evening of Feb 9th.   They are also interesting to me because we know for a fact (from Det. Landry’s affidavit) that police have withheld some...

January 6, 2017

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[Note: Updated with clarification noted below 1/11/17]

It is difficult for our brains to distinguish familiarity from truth.  The idea that Maura had been drinking and driving when she crashed the Saturn has been repeated so frequ...

September 22, 2016

Every newspaper article in the days following Maura’s crash indicated that the crash occurred just after 7:00 PM.   For this reason, one of the clues I find particularly interesting (outlined in detail by John Smith in Podcast # 14),  is that on the nigh...

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