Inaugural Blog Post

At present, there are a multitude of websites and blogs devoted to the Maura Murray disappearance. I have never created a blog, and as it is perhaps obvious, I have zero experience maintaining a website. I also considered the fact that having one more blog out there may just add to the “noise.” However my feeling is that however imperfect the medium may be, the more information that is out there, the more likely it is that some bit of information or evidence makes its way to a person that knows something and could potentially assist with solving this case.


The goals of this blog are twofold. The first to explore, analyze, and critique the evidence, clues, and theories (both past and present). It was my opinion that many of the “clues” in this case have not been adequately challenged. As a result, a lot of these clues have come to be accepted as fact. So the first goal is to help clear up some the past misconceptions and hopefully prevent or minimize future ones.

The second purpose is to analyze the paper trail that currently exists and look for avenues to expand the repository of “hard evidence” through means that include but are not limited to initiatives such as FOIA requests. This is not to say that the motivations, intentions, and personalities of the individuals involved in the case are unimportant (or 100% avoidable). But they are arguably far less relevant when it comes to developing a composite of hard evidence that can be handed over to the Murrays to bolster their case for an FBI intervention.


Theories about this case typically divide into three camps: 1) Maura ran away and is alive; 2) She succumbed to the elements (i.e. suicide or accidental wandering off into the wood; and 3) Maura met with foul play. All three are possible. But the primary focus of this blog will be oriented toward the third, and predicated on the presumption that Maura met with foul play. There are several reasons for this, but primarily it is large part due to the fact that the New Hampshire State Police maintain that foul play remains the dominant theory among law enforcement officials (noted in Podcast episode #27 titled “Questions & Answers,”).

But moreover, short of organizing searches to actually look for her, neither of the other two can really be advanced by more discussion. And with respect to the suicide theory in particular, it seems to be at best, a futile exercise, but at worst, runs the risk of stealing or demeaning Maura’s victimhood if she was in fact a victim of foul play. So it is not because the other two are less credible, or even less probable (side note: statistical probabilities do not really help in this case because all three situations are by definition, outliers). It is simply because neither of the other two theories are very helpful.