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Conversation with Fred Murray - Part 2

Thanks to everyone for being patient while I put together the second half of the interview! I do appreciate it. And of course, most of all, thanks again to Fred and Julie. Part 2 is now up on iTunes and you can listen here. Some of the topics discussed in Part 2 include the red truck, the police interviews with Jeff Williams, Cecil Smith, and John Monaghan that aired on the Oxygen show, the scent trail conducted on February 11, 2004, the timeline of events in the days following Maura’s disappearance, and a handful of miscellaneous questions I had for Mr. Murray.

I also want to make note of a few things that did not make it into the episode (either because they were discussed while I was not recording or because there is not 100% certainty about them).

1. The White Coat in the ATM Footage: Without a doubt, the coat that Maura is wearing in the ATM footage is a light (white-ish/gray) colored coat.

2. Alumaseal: I asked Mr. Murray about the can of Alumaseal that was recovered from the Saturn and whether it was possible that the car was leaking coolant. He said that he believes that it was part of a roadside kit that he had put together that included a variety of items that may come in handy at any given time. In other words, he did not think it was necessarily there specifically because the car had leaked coolant at any point.

3. ATM Withdrawal: In 2004, debit cards were not as ubiquitous as they are today (I, for one, did not have one attached to my Citizens Bank account). Mr. Murray thought Maura probably withdrew the $280 with an ATM card rather than a debit card. It’s a minor detail, but given how much has been made about the fact that she “emptied her bank account,” I think it’s an important one. It seems a bit less dramatic for her to have withdrawn $280 knowing that she would be traveling without a debit/credit card, and without knowing when and where she would next be able to access an ATM for cash.

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