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Westman & Atwood 911 Call Transcripts

Below are transcripts of the 911 calls from Faith Westman to Grafton County and from Butch Atwood to Hanover Dispatch. Westman’s call was approximately 1 minute and 18 seconds. Atwood’s call was approximately 3 minutes.

There are a few things that immediately jumped out at me, and they had more to do with what was missing from the call transcripts than what was in them.

First, Atwood refers to a “he” when he says “he hit a pine tree.” Later on, he refers to a single female, so I think it’s possible that this was just a glitch in how it was interpreted over the radio (and subsequently transcribed). However, what is interesting is that the “man smoking a cigarette” noted in the dispatch log is either missing from Faith Westman’s call transcript, or it is redacted. If it is redacted, I think it implies that it is somehow relevant to the investigation (per the 'disclaimer' noted below). If it’s simply missing, the question is “why” and whether there was a second call between police and the Westman’s.

Second, also missing from Westman’s call transcript is the description of where the vehicle was in relation to the road (having ended up in the westbound ditch facing westbound - see below). It's possible this information was also redacted. But it is puzzling as to why that would be the case given that the information is already out there. And once again, the implication of the "missing" information would seem to be that either there is an additional call between police and the Westman’s, or the location or position of the vehicle is somehow relevant to the investigation.

On that subject, Atwood’s description of the car having “hit a pine tree” is also interesting. Smith writes in his police report that he was responding to a car into a tree. In his narrative statement, Monaghan also makes a reference to the car having hit a tree. But given the damage to the Saturn, it seems highly questionable as to whether it was the result of having hit a tree. Early investigators, including Frank Kelly and John Healy, were doubtful of this fact. Healy in particular believed the damage to the Saturn was the result of having struck the underside of another vehicle at a low rate of speed.

Lastly, there is no reference from Atwood about the driver slurring her words or having to lean while she was speaking with him. There is no reference to alcohol at all. There is also no description of the driver's height or appearance.


The following is a statement was attached to the transcripts:

“As you’ll see in the transcripts, information has been redacted that would constitute an invasion of privacy if released per RSA 91-A:5, IV, as well as information compiled for law enforcement purposes whose disclosure could reasonably be expected to interfere with law enforcement proceedings.”

Faith Westman 911 Transcript P1
Faith Westman 911 Transcript P2


Butch Atwood 911 Transcript P1
Butch Atwood 911 Transcript P2

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