The Infamous Missing Page 9 - Part 3: Pages 1-3

Admittedly the picture of page 9 of the phone records in my last post is a bit blurry, which is why I linked a pdf of the page here. Since there seems to be some question about the rest of the phone record, I also linked to pages 1-3 here. As you will see, just like page 9, there is nothing incriminating about the first several pages of the phone record. In fact, they prove that there were no roaming calls from Maura’s cell phone number during the entire billing period.

I also want to comment about the supposedly improbable 3 minute call from Bill to Maura on 2/15/04, and the suggestion that the length of the call is somehow an indication that he had a conversation with Maura. If you look at Bill's cell phone record, on 2/4/04 at 1:15 PM, Bill makes a call to Maura's phone that lasts 3 minutes. However on Maura's cell phone bill, no call shows up at that time, which suggests her phone was off or she didn't answer and it went to voicemail. That simply and very easily proves that you can make an out-going call with a duration of 3 minutes in length to a number that does not answer. Thus there’s nothing mysterious or suspicious about the 3 minute call on 2/15/04 as far as I'm concerned (see images below).

Furthermore, a little over a month ago I wrote about standards (or seemingly, a lack thereof) in some realms of the true crime community. To claim that someone is “in a lot of trouble” and “the subject of a grand jury investigation” is no small matter. It could have serious implications for a person’s relationships or professional reputation. It is also worth noting that grand juries are secret proceedings, and only in very rare circumstances is information leaked about them. And due to their secrecy, it would be impossible to ever confirm or deny that a grand jury had even existed.

Despite this, at Crime Con in early May, a certain blogger confidently claimed that not only had a grand jury been convened, but that there would be an indictment before the end of the summer. Over five months later, summer is officially over, and there has been no indictment. If I were Bill, I would not hold my breath for an apology or a correction. However in light of the misleading information about the phone records (among other things), I believe it is worth considering this particular blogger’s ulterior motives when evaluating the credibility and reliability of the information he is reporting and/or his sources.