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Amanda Grazewski

Amanda Grazewski, a 23-year-old mother, disappeared on March 17, 2020 while staying with friends in Derry, NH. According to reports, the people she was staying with went to bed around 12:30 am while Amanda stayed up. In the morning, Amanda was gone. According to her family and friends, some neighbors reported hearing screaming in the neighborhood the night she disappeared. Her belongings including her cell phone, purse, wallet (with cash) were all left behind.

Amanda struggled with substance abuse and had been making a living as a sex worker – finding clients using online advertisements. On Amanda’s cell phone, there were text conversations between herself and an unidentified person, during which she discussed relocating to Salem. This person was among the last to communicate with Amanda, but police were unable to trace the number because it was a prepaid burner phone.

The only personal possession of Amanda’s that is also missing is her laptop; all other possession were left behind. The only trace of Amanda to be recovered since her disappearance was her social security card, which was found at the Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH on March 26, 2020. March 26th happened to be the day that news of her disappearance broke in the media. Amanda was not seen on any security cameras at the hospital, which has led some to speculate that the social security card may have been “planted” to misdirect attention. Alternatively, if there is someone responsible for her abduction and disappearance, they may have a connection to the Elliot Hospital.

Amanda would be 25 years old today.

Update: Amanda's family and friends started a petition hoping to get the FBI involved in her case. You can sign their petition here.

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