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ICYMI - Murray Family Blog Post (July 8th, 2021)

This is the family's latest blog post from July 8th, titled "Dr. Maurice Godwin helps with Investigation & Sample Testing Update."

Some highlights:

1) Dr. Maurice Godwin is helping the Murrays. From what I understand, he was involved early on when the New Hampshire League of Investigator were active. It is good to see someone with solid professional credentials taking a look at the case.

2) Unfortunately, most of the samples that were sent away to labs were either too degraded to show a connection to Maura or were otherwise inconclusive. There are two samples that haven't been analyzed yet, and are using an advanced technique that's beyond my comprehension, but hopefully if there is anything there, it will catch it.

3) They brought a cadaver dog to a location of interest and didn't get any hits. I can understand why they are not disclosing this location (even if there was nothing noteworthy found), but it's good to know things are getting crossed off "the list."

4) Julie talked to Amanda Knox about ethics in true crime journalism for season 2 of Amanda's podcast, Labyrinths. No word on a release date yet, but presumably it will be sometime before the end of the summer.

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