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Maggie Borrero

Today* marks one year since a New York resident, Maggie Borrero, disappeared after last being seen on Main Street in Lincoln, NH. Ten days later, her body was discovered along the east branch of the Pemigewasset River, which runs from northwest of Mt. Carrigain down through Loon Mountain and along Route 112. Reports indicated there would be an autopsy conducted, but there have been no updates, nor any further information released since that time. Not much is known about Maggie, though some outlets have reported that she previously worked as a model/actress. Almost nothing is known about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death. A few months ago, I was looking to see if there had been any updates in her case and came across the Borrero family’s GoFundMe page. According to statements on that page, Maggie’s family believes there is “strong evidence” to suggest she was the victim of foul play. When they have asked law enforcement for details about her case, they say police have told them that “we can not respond to that in order not to compromise the integrity of the investigation." In other words, the police’s response seems to suggest that they also believe a crime may have been committed. I put in a public request for records associated with Maggie’s case in January and was told the NH State Police would need 90 days to respond. I hope Maggie’s family is able to get the answers they deserve. (*Note: there are differing reports as to whether she disappeared March 6th or March 8th in 2021. I went with March 6th because it is the day her family believes she disappeared.)

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